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  About the topic:
Innovativeness is usually presented as a stand-alone construct, and described by variables showing positive relations with dependent variables such as growth, performance, or sales figures. In this vein, innovativeness is treated as a remedy for company performance, and a stimulator of flexibility, higher level of entrepreneurship, strategic and competitive advantage. Innovativeness – as a process of bringing innovations into life at an organizational or strategic level is seen as an indispensable element of contemporary companies.

In fact, innovativeness itself usually requires considerable financial investments. Turning creative ideas into innovations – new products, services, technologies, business models or management processes – rarely is positively correlated with performance, or creates value by itself in the beginning. Allocating assets for preparing the new products or services on the basis of creative ideas requires some financial efforts at first. It is only a successful commercialization of the creative idea turned into innovation that creates value, results in performance, or animates and rejuvenates the organization in the long term.

In this conference we welcome all topics that revolve around the following sequence: the processes of selecting and developing creative idea (organizational creativity), turning it into innovation (strategic innovativeness) and commercializing it (strategic entrepreneurship). In order to be successful, this process sequence requires a support of proper strategic leadership and creative organizational design.

This conference therefore, calls for a certain kind of revolutionizing the approach to researching entrepreneurship. Instead of focusing on the outcomes – strategic advantage, competitive advantage, sales figures or firm performance – we invite you to look at the source of the outcomes – the creativity of organization members and teams, and creative ideas generated in organizations. To us, the proper process of selecting creative ideas, developing the most promising ones into innovations, and finally commercializing them in the dynamic and turbulent competitive marketplace is the source of both contemporary individuals’ and companies’ success.

This conference intends to address research on organisational creativity and entrepreneurship. Our objective is to discuss what aspects (i.e. factors, mechanisms, processes, tools etc.) in organisations may hamper and promote creative and innovative efforts and how they can be managed. We intend to combine knowledge from different disciplines and include new frameworks challenging the status quo of research.

We welcome both conceptual/theoretical and empirical contributions with a variety of research strategies including surveys, experiments, case studies, ethnographic studies, discourse studies, reviews, etc. We are interested in projects dealing with starting new business basing on creative ideas, as well as leadership and human resource management practices that lead to new and innovative ideas (such as recruitment and selection of creative individuals, training and development employees for more creativity, organisational environment design for creativity, physical environment design for creativity, leadership style for creativity, job design for creativity, climate and culture for creativity, etc.). We focus on creativity of the employees. We are interested in innovation, by including process and product/service innovation but also other types of innovation (e.g. management innovation, employee-driven innovation, social innovation, ecological innovation for sustainability). We also hope to explore how creativity and entrepreneurship can affect performance.

Topics may include:
- Starting new business based on creative ideas
- Innovativeness and entrepreneurship in organizations
- Organisational design / work environment for creativity and innovation
- Organisational culture and climate for creativity and entrepreneurship
- HRM for creativity and entrepreneurship
- Leadership for creativity and entrepreneurship
- Strategies for creativity and entrepreneurship
- Knowledge sharing for creativity and entrepreneurship
- Creativity in entrepreneurial organisations and SMEs
- Managing creativity in specific professions and business environments
- Creative tools and methods for business model innovation

or any other, depending on your creativity!